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tv   News 5 Today at 5AM  NBC  February 8, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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happening right now in southern colodo local printing shops are working hard to get the "supbowl 50 chamons ar ady for you to purchase first thing this morning! ounews 5's joanna wise is therto give us aehind the scenes look. joanna. they've been working sincehe
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"carnsonking new vithisornif th g viorlebratns across southern colo viers sentthe videos fr rocky ford... la junta.. pueblo.. and trinid... last night, ns ced the reets aftethe ga -- blarintheir r horns in
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oncos plays say-- there was ver any doubt in tir mds that they wouldin ser bl 50 news 5 srtdirector grant meech-- has is report from levi's stadium. good morning - defenseins championships huh?? weure seeing it right here and the broncos are reaping their ward as they dominated the herswin super bowl fifty inanta clara california. we know it wouldnt be easy for usitthe new offense and l anthe problems here and there d we switched quarterbacks turnovers problems buwe persevered and we played our defen and ths what tdid came out tonight and d a great job.
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we were able to band togher and omethingpecialnd to this for peyton a d-war- those ys talked to us st night and they gotmotial and i arted criying a littleit and i stted cryingefore the me and it was becauswe p so much to this me and just knhe w no way we were going to lose this game. oh its th super bowl so its sy to keep your motivatn whether you are down or up and weve been thru ial together as a team we expecd to win nmatter what the situation was. you know we are going score ough points to win the game but were gonna out ion you guys.. and you could see the whole ga that were ruing playg well doing wh we neededo do and that sort gratifying to close and you dont know if peyn is ng back next year and to have h gout on top. man we a play for each ot.. we play for our brother next to us and i think thats a special element that every great team has. now e are a lot questions
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ey areelrating rht now as they are worlchampions. atevis stadi witthe broncogrant meech newsive sports peytonanning's future is sll up ithe r this morning... no word if he'lretire! you' hear mannins thoughts about the game-- comg up in our next half hour. plays, coaches a his wife, annabel, all paying tribute to the man who has ought a wiing tradition to denver and created a family aosphere that ist often founinprofessionalsports franchises. pat bowl is fighting t debiliting effects of alheizhemers and hasn't aparedpublicly in a w yes. but ev though he wasn't ere to hoist theomrdi trop st night... his brons family made it clear him. this one is for pat!re all thinking about pat. a greaman, a man who led this organization.
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prouyou can takehis back to denveratown and your nver bncos fans. pat bowlenook er the broos in 14. d steppewn from team operation decisions in 14. from team operion decisionin 2014.. peytonanning get's his secon supebo ring... and ile he's a rpect leaderthe team... it was dens stout defense... win... ashey have -- prty much season... lead by outside linebacker "n miller the game. his strip- sac cam newton gave the broncos their first touchdown of the nig... total... along with.5 sacks.. earning him a the well-derved title of super bl "mvp". the subowl celebtion contin throughout e week there'viory parade
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tarts at noon near 17th and wynkoop reet... and willun all the way down to civic center park... broncos ayers and achewill be joineby the governor, the mayoof denver.. and other elected cials... itretottend... and masse crowds are expected.. if you plan on going... organizersay leave the lawn- chairst me... and expending room only. ather antrafc on the meteorogist stephen bowers is
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temperatures are mainly in the 20s wiee in the high elevations this morning. e morning drive may have need fonglasses, but yoll also likely need the coats as temperatur will n the 20s. your evening drive still can need sunglass. temperaturesill be cooling
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we have had some passing wes oflouds around ts rning. these clouds do not have any precipitation wi them, and they will not be big ayers in our weather today. ok wes since
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still ahead... a drug that increases lifespan... how doctors hopeo test ion humans next... that's coming up in
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in today's youhethy family... searchers delong a new a drug tt --hen gin to mice -ineases thr lifeanby up to5 en.. while recing aeled lnesses. notheigoal i make that drug suitable for humans! "chris y has more.
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they've been livinlonger and lookinhealthier thankso new drug develed at e mayo clinic sot:r. jan van deurn, researcher "iwas ry labor-intensi and stressful project. bui'm gl it worked out." dr. jan van ursen d hiteam ve been studying mice for years, and learned that by removingamagells tt no longer divide they increased the life span of t mice by 17 to 35 pernt. removing those cells alsde the mice's organs healthier. sot: dr. jan van deursen, researcher "we see a health improvent in a number otissues. we think a very important tiss is the heart. it seems like the het was le maintaiits yohful peormance it's ve stres resistan" how do . van deurseand his team remove those damaged cells from me? they injeca drugnto the animals. and they say the drug seems to have no nega side effes. sot: dr. jan van urse researcher
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we did s these health prements in e heart d kidney."r. van ursen s with these new findings researcrs enally develop a druthat will do the same forans wi ats... o-d. andanmore sot: dr. jan van deursen, researcher "removing senescent cells may al have important anti- cancer effect." so how long bere cnical trials f hums? dr. van deursen says they coul only be a few years away. sot: dr. jan van deursen, rearcher "if a clinical trial turns to be suessful and saf i ink perhaps the skis t limit." weather and trafc on 5s. meteologist stn bowers is heow with first alert 5. temperatures a mnly in the 20s with tee in the high elevations this morning. the morning drive may have need r sunglasses, but you will
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likely need the coats as temperatures will be in the 20s. your evening drive still can need the sunglses. temperatures wl be cooling through the 40s. weave had some passing wavesof cuds arous morng. the clouds do t haveny precipitation th the and they wl t beig players in our weather today. look wes since our ather makes uslly come from the west, thene big feature to talm abouis hh prsurehat ll set up u.s. it will keep our weather sunny with unseasonably warm mperatures throughout e week. at unseasobly warm and sunny weher starts today. temperatures will warm this morning through the 20s and into the lower and middle 3 through 10 am.
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will ctinue through on, bringing numberclos to 40 degrees. temperatur cnuwarmin through the 40d even briefly into the lower0s along and south of the arkansas river through abt pm. yo 5 pm temperatur stahead... one ofhe most popular restaurants in the u-s is closing their doors tohe puic today...
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welcomback... in this moing's coumer wa youere anning on eating chiple today for lunch... banews. ery restaurant in the country wi be closed for severalrs this afternoon for an employ health meeting... focusing on food safety changes. as wveeen report.. the ain is tightening procedes aft recent outbreaks of e. coli a norovirus. hover... all chipotle locations will repen again at 3-p-m today if you haven't noticed... at theump... we're pang some of the lowest prices in years! the national average for gall of gas has drped cents in two weeks and is no at around e-82 a gallon! but here in coloradoit'sven cheaper than that, averaging a llar-64, accordi to gasbuddy-dot-com. some placein corado spris
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below a llar-50! that's t lowest average price more than 7 years. analysts say if crude oil costs continue to slide... 's goonews for drivers. because gas prices will continue to drop as well. more and more americans are hidingecrets frotheir significant others when it comes finances! a recent study by crit cards dot com finds 13 llioamericans have hidn a bank or credit card account from their liven spouse or partner. furthe.. 41 percent say they've spent over 100 bucks without their spou or partner's knowlee. but on the other hand... 47ercent say they'kay with their significanother spendingmore than 100 dollars without being told about i
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heow witfit tempaturesre mainly in the 20s th teens in the gh elevations thisorni. the morning drive may ve n for sulasses, but u ll also likely need the coatas temperatures will be in the 20s. your evening drive still can needhe sunasses. temperaturill be cooling through the 40s. we have had some passing wav of cloudarou thimorning. these clouds do not have any pritation th them, and they weather today.
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from the west,he oneig ature to talk about is high pressure that will setp housekeeng over the western u.s. it will keep our weather sunny withnseasonably warm temperatures throut the week. thatnseasonably warm and sunny
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rst up at 5-30 lebrations ctinue across broncos couny is morning ... as the denver broncos takhome the mbardi trophy as the super bowl 50 champis! it was areat game from start toinh... but the brons defee prov once again... they're thbest ithe n-l... taking down the nthers wh a 24-10 win! let's stt th aook atow it allent wn th is what theronc and theifans he been waiting fo.. and hoping for all season... as ty ented levis adium on a mission! and thdefense made tt mission happen... von miller gets ings started.... wi a strip sack, and it's demarcus warand malik jackson who fan it for the touchdown...0 broncos.... thpanthers were able to mount
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capped by jonathan stewart leaps into the dzone....10-7. but this game was all about the denver dense... miller again -- strips newn... t-j ward picks it up and takes it down to the five. c-j derson would take from there... and that sealed the deal. the broncos are your super bowl 50 champions! 24-10, it's the brcos thr third sur bo in tm history. and arterback peyton mannins. didn come cle to upstaging e momentf th tm win by announcing anying about his future... saying he will tk to his family before making a decision. and ppening rit noin southern colorado-- cal prting sho a wki hard g the "supeowl 50
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to purase first thing this morning! r news 5's joaa wise is the to give us aehind the scenes look. joanna... ey've be workingince the broncowon... for a fairly small tea.. here at bravo scen printg... hang me thounds and ousands of shirts... its pretty calm in here. it could bbecause they've already had actice with the c championship shis... or they'rerting to get a little a tired. i nto take y tough the process. ive been tolits a t like being in the kitchen. everyone here has an essential ro. they start off ithe ba.. geing the diffent design mplates on the shirts, t ink for the design os then pressed on... nally it goes through the oven before it ads outohe stores. a t t eloye have been he sin 60 last night.. but the long hou are worth it. it all comes down to the pride in what we have for our jobs,
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ste thate li in. d being a brcos fan just comes wi t ter so far about 10-thousand shrts have been made. by thend of the morning that live he couple of the designs you n pect to see in stores eay
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we caught upith some fans watching the big game last nht at "cleats east" in colorado springs... finish. while the broncos held their tee monts. and a couperanther fans were right there to cheer their te when lood li theyere making ceback. sot: carrie thpanthe fan "i'm so used to having pans fa all arounme, and cong rerom e actual state and being here around brcos fans it's atle fferent." :08 sot: chris blakeley/broncos fan "wve been followinthem a year with their s and downs and we stayeloyal to them and for us a them. go c! don't list to him." :11 towas the end of the game the fans... whenhe broncos pulled ahead to securehe lead with a le touchdown.
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stanng otions he lefthe eld in the final minute hundreds of fans took to the stets of downtown... in the mile high city to celebrate the victory! traffic was bafor miles as fans stormed out of bars and restauras cheeringnd eve running into t middlof the streo high- fi drivers! the state capil building was up in blue and orange celebrate the win. roughout the are... dozens of lice officers were on stand bin riot ge to keep the celebration unr corol. defense defee defense defense it wasn't all fun... as denver policeade a handful of arrests aven had to use "haneld chemical agents" to disperse crow. at least seven pple were arrested f min offens.. and one po carustained a broken window. lcuktherwere nported juries. here's a live look now at the
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celebrations continu late into the night! but they're not stopping any time soo.. tuesday... hundredsl gather for the per bowl pade in downtown denver! it starts at0 a-th live entertainment... the actual paradcks off at noon -- at 17th d wine coop wynkoo anfollowing the parade a ray will takace with fans.. the players... coaches... anenovernor hicklooper at civic center park at 1-p-m. brons playerspeaki out right after thgame ithe lock room. explain eir exciment f ingi home the champion titl ine: "it's wonderful... ouue: "its like havi a kid." incue: "we played against an awesome defense... outcue: "our defseas even
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, so the's peyton manning -- as for panther'suarterba "cam newto he was at a loss fowords ter his team's stating loss. after answering just a few qutions from theedia... beofore mang a quick exit from thdi. time now for weather and traffic on the 5s. meteorologist stephen bowers is here now with first alert 5. temperatures are mainlin the 20s with teens in the gh elevations this morning. the mornindre may have nd for nglasses, but you ll also likely need the coats as temperatures will ben th20s. your evening drive still can
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teeratures will be cling through the 40 havhad me passing waves of clouds around this morning. thesclouds do not have any precipitation with them, and they will not be big ayers in o weather today. ok wt, since r weatr makeusuallcome from the west,he oneig feature to talk about high pressure that will set up useeping over the western u.s. it will ep our weather sunny wi unseasonably wa mperatures throughout the week. th unseasonably wand sunny weher starts
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morning throug e s and to t lower dd 30s through 10 am. th plows are still out on the roads in coloro springs nearly a week after a powerful storm dumped as much as a foot of snow. citylow crewtell us they ll contie to make passes on neigorodtr as thsn anice mes down ey havalady ma i through vel reets... ansathey wl continueo untistreets become passable again. crewask th y aid parng on residential streets if your road is stilburied in snow t
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right now... pueblo police are still searing for the suspect involved in this weekend's dely shooting near east high school. the man killed was 21-year-old "chuck quintana-ortega." it happed at the "casa del sol apartments" juore 3:00 a-mon saturday officers found qntana-ortega dead from an apparent gunshot wound inside one of the aparments. police sayuintana-ortega w involved in some sort of altercn prior to the shng. thvictim'sily says hha twkids, th a thin the way. if you knoanything about the shting... you're asked tcallolicor you can leave annonymo tip with crimestoppers. this morng... a fountain woman ifacing animal cruelty charges after threemaciated pit bullwe fod lingn a vacant house. "crystal mcintosh" sayshe moved out three months ago and didn't know what happened to the dogs. she verified that both t water and e electricity had been utff. neighbors calledice after noticing several bken window and hearindo barking inside. police say there was no way for the animals to get out and the
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all, four dogs were found -- three were emaciated. authorities also found three ad turtles. still ahead... the heat is on for all candidates with only one before voters head to e polls in new hamre... 'll tell you how the presidential hopefuls are stacking up... plus... international outrage after rth korea launches ath satellitinto orbit.. wh the u-s iwarng ainst.
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february is ge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each, even our subway club and chicken & bacon ranch melt. $6 footlongs are a big deal. but the is going a little crazy. i amthe hearof what is now being called "sub-mageddon." with an incredible amount ofccumulatn side... that now seems to be spilling out onhe streets. have never seen anything like this fore. enjoy all our delicious classic fongs
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this morning... 'rtracking thenternational outrage surrnding the launch of north korea's second satellite in earth's oit.. and ju in news five... nod confirms.... a sateite on the rockete fl right over the stadiuwhere the supebowl was
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about an hour afer the gam ended.. no.. ththe united states warning of "serious conseqnces" the u-n's security council is calling yestery's lach a dangerous move toward the development of a nuclear weapons delivery syste south korea says it wi begin discussions withhe u-s on deployg an advced missile- fensstem tcountethe growing threatf north korea's weapons capabities. u-ambassadors are now pledging new and tougher sanctions againsnortkorea. stng tay... new policiesill inteffect in new york city to incrse craneafety... after one person was killed when a an coapsed last week. mayor bill de blio announced new polici. while investigators are stl trng to determine what caus the crane to fall inheirst place. hower "de blasio" says the crew working on the toppled crane was doing at they were supposed to do." the new restctions ilude a sicter wind policy ansidewalk safety rules to protectedestrians. this morning...
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georgihospital after deadly elosion on a chicken farm! poli say o person was killed in yesterday's blast.... and of those injed... one of tho people is in crtiticacondition. right now e causof the explosion is unknown. the inveigatn is underwa a man di after taking part in a race in north carolina where contestants eat a dozen dougnuts while running. it all happened during the 1h annu kspy kreme challenge... put ony north calina state unersity. the school says th58-year-d male stepped out of the race thin firstile beuse of chest pains. as ten to the hospit where he later died. the of heath is unknown at the time. ti now for wernd tra 5s. meteorologist sthen bowers i
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temperatures are mainly in the 20s th teens in the high elevations this morning. the morning drive may have need for sunglasses, but you wi also ,, kely need the coats as
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yo eveng drive sti can need sunasses. teatures wl be cooli roh the 40s. weave had some passing waves
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in this morning's eltion watch... todais the last full day for presidential candidates to campaign in new hampshire... before voters heado the polls tomorrow in the firsprimary in for the republicans... nald trump continues to ad in most polls... as the racfor send place heats up and for e decrats... beie sders is holding a hampshire. as hilry clint took a tour to fnt, chigan yesterday to talk about the wer crisis. in neighboring vermont... nds is lding by double digitsn the late pls. althgh many vors are still undecided. still ahead,,, a wild cat causes chaotic scene a school india... the ngerous attempt to capture
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, welce back right now you're taking ve lo at washington-c.... wher jt a few urs... president barack obama will lcome the prident of ily to t whi hse. itiapresident "sergio mattarel's" vit will focus on areas of mutual ieres between his country and the uned states...some of the biggest issues include efs to defeat isis... economic devopments in europe... and the importancef concding the transatlanc trand instmeartnership today e death to conties
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weekend's powerful earthquake. local lice say at least 24 people are dead.... as rescue crews contin to search for survivo in l the ru ocollapseilding amonthose rescued... a six- month-old baby girl who s stk under deis and rushedo hoital. right now moreha100 people are still missing. this morning new airport securityideo... shing two men with laptop th may have been used in a explion on a fght over africa lasweek. soli authorities released the foote. which shows two mehandinwhat looks like a computer to another man whis suspected to be auicide bber... lol policeuspe that icidbomb setff the explosn th blea holen the plane... today the vestigion contues. an amang stunt caut on ra in loon. an amazing stunt caught on camera ilondon... as a film crewlows up a doub decker bus on a bridge...
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of aupcoming "jack cha movie! bystanders d fire fighters captured this video of the explosion. the bridge was csed toll other traffic at the time... and thfire crews were on stany in case ything went ong. the waa dangerous surpri foa school in ina... when a leopard is caught on security cer roaming the s!and wildlife officeried to cah e cat...bu did go do wit a fi aackeonn ar a swmi pl befo runng off! it took thoritites hours -- befo thecod successfully wrangle theat.. anat lst fpeople were hurt in e press. they're coitiois unownt e me. e arwas eventuly traniled and takenway by wildli oics. time nowor weather and traffic onhe 5s.
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temperatures are mainly in the 20wi tee in the hi elevions thisni. the morning drive may ha nd for sunglasses, but yowill also likely need the coats as temperaturesill be in th20s. your eveni drive still c need the sunglasses. temperatures wl be cooling through th40 we have had me pasng waves of clouds around this morng. these clouds do not have any precipitation with them,nd they will not be big players in our weher today. look west, sce our weather makes usually come
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feature to talk about is high prsu that will set up usekpi over thweern u.s. itilke o wth sunnwith usonably warm temperur throho t week. that unsnay warm and sunny weather starts toy. temperatur wl warm this morng roug the 20s and into the lower and ddle 30s tough 10 am. the upward climb in thmps wi coin through noon, bringing numbers clos to 40 degrees. teerur continue warming throh the 40and even briefly into theower 50s along and sout ofhe arkansas rivethugh
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your 5temperatures will be oser to 40 wh 30s returning quickly th evening. ovnight ws wl be in e s beneata clear sky. our warming continues tomorrow, when h will be ithe 60s. high temperatureonedne and thursday wilbe in the 50s
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knew we'de our has full. fortately, our defence was en better. got that pt do.
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try to get anotherne. once on the verge missing the ayof.... thdenv broncos are super wl champions this morning.. peyton manning -- and denver's mighty defense are bringing the colorado ... and e's party coming with it. the celebrations will last all week... buthe tes reing the future.... and what tt could mean for their veteran quarterback.... temperatures are in e 20s this morning theens in the hi spots. suhine is in todayt. mperatures will rmnto the 40s aneven to near0 fosome u iss just the start of big warming in the worksor ts week. i will help u plan your week coming up in weather & traffic on the 5's. good morning, thanks for oday... february 8th. i'm shleneockrl.and i'm ira cronin. broncos players sa-- there w ver any ubt in the minds thathey would win super bowl 50. news sports director grant meech-hathis report from levi's sdium.
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good morning - defen wins
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